Trees and Shrubs

Making the model from scratch, using cylinders as trunk and branches

tree model
tree model in the making

as I finished one tree I duplicated it and changed some branch positions and scales as well as the number of the branches.

sample textures
sample textures on three different alterations
sample textures to see any imperfections
sample textures to see any imperfections


after completing the model I started making some tree textures, I looked at paintings for reference.

starting tree texture
starting tree texture

The first texture proved to be too colourful when applied onto the 3D model

base tree texture
base tree texture

The second texture I wanted to be more monochrome and somewhat detailed. However this too did not blend well with the night scene

lights assembled

looking at this sample render it is visible that the trees seem to stand out as the colours are too bright.

altered tree texture
altered tree texture

I went to map and link the texture to photoshop. I decided to paint over the texture with a darker colour and add some more detail.

trying to get the right sky

here the trees look more like actual trees at night.


The shrubs/bushes I made by scaling down the trees and adjusting the trunk height and branch lengths. For them I used the base tree texture as in smaller scale it did not look too bad and actually complemented the scene well with them being different from the trees.


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