Week 13 – Scenes and Finals

Making Scenes

So it is time to make the scene arrangements.

Let us go into Unity to our pre-made, simple skybox. Created from the palette!

I have made a terrain in Unity added the texture/colour and roughly changed the heights to add some landscape variations .

I have then exported the assets that I made from Maya, making sure the pivot points are at the base of the objects.I made prefabs from the assets and added their corresponding materials and textures.

For the ease of distribution, I added the prefabs into the terrain paint tree section which allows me to place the trees massively instead of one at a time. It also accounts for the terrain level variations so the trunk is always at the correct place ( just touching the terrain) when the asset is placed.

Now for the scene variants. I have decided to make the scene navigable but only to a certain extent, so the audience can admire the view rather than clipping through the assets. For this reason there will be some empty place or path that will help the player navigate. I used the first person character controller provided in Unity to make it possible to walk around the area.

I had to alternate between placing the prefabs straight onto the scene and the landscape painting because collisions did not work properly. For the closer up larger assets I used a simple box collider. I also played around with lighting and added a black fog to make the scene look as if it was night.

In game view with terrain 2

Final Scene

To make the final scene I have rearranged some assets and made mini compositions


Overall, I am happy with how the project progressed. I feel that I could have added more variations to the tree shapes, however as a prototype this gives me a good idea of where I would have to head next if I were to develop the ideas and style further. The final outcome is a scene which the player can navigate through. I tried to make the layout of the scene as natural/ wild looking as I can while maintaining a neat field of view from all angles.

I feel that the final colours have turned out well. What I really like about the outcome of importing the assets to Unity is that the assets integrated into the environment well, creating atmospheric shadows and silhouettes.


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