Week 12.2 -Getting Things Done

It is about time is it not?

The modelly models are being made!mudboxscrn

The cardboard flutes have proven to be an overkill with the scales I am using.

I have tried the other method I thought of using normal maps to project the flutes onto the mesh. I have made the flute curves in maya, converted them to polygons for thickness and exported the models to Mudbox for the normal map baking. The Normal map turned out really low detail even with the high resolution I had set. I could tell the process worked well but because of the thin model it was inefficient.pine_map

Although the ideal outcome would be having detailed flute texture, I have decided that it is not needed to achieve the cardboard effect. To finally make progress I will use the flute pattern that I made before and will focus on the asset creation itself.

Here is the Scots Pine tree

Here is the Birch tree

Here is the Rowan tree

Here is the Juniper bush

All the trees and shrubs together, with a cube as human scale indicator.


Here is the Heather

Here is the Mushroom

I tried to make the cap from a four sided cube but that turned out to not really fit the rest of the assets so I ended up using a cylinder and extruding the sides outward.

Mushroom and flower next to the juniper bush

So this is it. Now all that is left to do is to is small adjustments and scene arrangements.


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