Week 12.1 – New World Order

Oh, the hopeful me…

Continuing on from the last post, I have set up a new Maya file.

I have organised a certain structure I would like to follow, or certain standards.



The wonderful cardboard I am using as reference for the larger assets is 3 mm thick

The thin cardboard I am using for parts of flowers and mushrooms is 1 mm

and the thinnest potential cardboard I will be using is 0.5 mm, which is pretty thin, but thicker than standard paper, which would make the cardboard still less bendable.

I used this website to confirm the sizes are accurate enough:



It is a mixed tree forest so the flora that grows there needs to be this type specific.

As the plants can vary from country and region I have decided to narrow the area down to European woodlands, with a focus on species found in and around the entire United Kingdom.

Despite that, each specimen is going to be simplified and stylised, as well as follow the colour palette to create unity.


Both coniferous and deciduous.

I have found that Scots Pine and Birch trees are able to grow together

A good example is the Caledonian forest, Scotland


The forest includes many species like

Scots pine– can grow up to 36 m

birch– up to 30m

rowan– 10-15 m

aspen– up to 20m but usually around 10m

Since the Caledonian forest is such a great example, I will be basing the wildlife around it.


Includes Juniper.

Low growing Juniper is up to about 60 cm.

Medium sized Juniper grows up to about 76 cm.


Some of the most interesting examples are


20 to 60 centimetres



Common Cow Wheat

Although rare the Twinflower Linnaea borealis can also be found

For now, I am going to on heather later, if time allows i will make the Twinflower.


These are also influenced by what plants grow in the area. In the Caledonian forest the examples include Fly Agaric which is probably the closest to what I had in mind

size of up to around 20 cm fully grown.

Often found next to birch trees.







Research Conclusions

Considering the plant-life is considerably different from what I imagined, especially the flowers. I will have to consider different structures. Actually I am pretty happy with the new flower types that I discovered, I think it will be an interesting challenge to recreate these.

Study Sketches


The assets should have realistic sizes and since the common material is cardboard, they have to be scaled so that would be possible to make them.

The scale I will be using is 1:10cm

Scots pine : 20m

Birch: 15m

Rowan: 10m

Aspen: 10m



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