Week 11- New Beginnings

At this time of the semester the deadlines seem closer than ever, and they are! I am worrying about not having enough work to show for the semester, but I know I have been making more effort than ever. I have managed to update this blog pretty regularly, so everything I have done is here. I just can not believe it has already been 10-11 weeks.

To make sure I am on track for the module, I wanted to revisit the brief. Mostly for myself, although I’m sure I will find a few interesting things I wrote back then.

Here it is:


The purpose of this project is to design a believable environment for a game project I want to work on in the future. Preferably trees and the natural environment overall. I would like to research and create different types of vegetation that would naturally appear in a “magical” forest habitat. The end resulting project would include a few 3D vegetation assets, modelled and textured.

After re-reading the abstract I have to say I still feel the same as before about this. I like how I wrote “few” as if not to bring the expectations too high.

I feel that as far as the abstract goes I am on track, although for now I am not so sure about the “believable” aspect of the  assets I have made so far, I got some comments about how the cardboard could be thinner to make it more like cardboard. As well as the fact that I have not really put any of my rough assets into a scene.

Personal Reflective Goals:

Last semester I feel that I did not manage to get a lot of iteration to my work which lead to limited polish in the assets and art style.

I feel that in order to improve on this, I need to make a lot of different sketches relevant to the project. With different iterations in shape, form, style and colour for each asset I am going to create.

I definitely feel like I made improvements on the Iterations side here. In fact, Iterations are all I did so far! Although maybe not on the shape of the trees, or any other asset for that matter.

Practical Reflective Objective:

I would like to make my own game. To make it, I realised that I need a lot of planning, conceptualising and 3d modelling skills that I did not manage to develop in full during my previous projects. My objective this semester is to develop and iterate a solid art style based around the game environment. During creating the assets, I will also have to be involved in designing the concepts and finding a proper modelling and texturing method. This will help me familiarise myself with the new version of Autodesk Maya and further develop my texture painting skills.

In case of this section I feel I also have reached the objectives. With the whole process of recreating cardboard in Maya I have faced many difficulties in terms of both modelling and texturing. I have also familliarised myself with the new version of Maya, or rather a whole new set of bugs and forced improvements.

Designing the concepts on the other hand I feel I could improve on as only recently I have decided on the colour palette and although I have made some interesting options for the trees, they are stuck in their test forms.

Research Objectives:

Visual Practical Technical
Look at 5 relevant artists/professionals Still life sketches Maya
5Influences in environments Life drawings z-brush
5Successful landscape compositions Study plant structures and organic forms Photoshop
Look at different environment styles Maybe Unity

In terms of the visual objectives, I feel I did well although there is always room for more research! The practical side I will honestly admit that it is practically non-existent! I did some structural sketches of potential cardboard representations but not the natural occurring ones. I should work up on that especially now, when I am creating the assets. The technical Objectives have been somewhat ticked off, I have worked in Maya,Photoshop and started to work in the basics of Unity, however I do not feel like Z-brush is a valid package for the type of project I am doing right now, I feel more comfortable working in Maya as well.

Time Frame:

Week: Objectives:
1 —Intro—
2 Write Project Proposal ////Research nature/gather examples/
3 visual analysis/sketching
4 Prototyping/ digital concept images/palette experiments
5 Analytical drawing/ extracting info from life
6 Develop 5+ style ideas/ prototype 3D
7 Week 7 | Feedback Week
8 Work on different styles
9 Change colours and see what happens
10 Really Detailed models, all problems solved.
11 3D Assets/ Portfolio First Draft
12 Iterate  2nd draft
13 Iterate 3rd draft
14 Final Draft
15 Project Submission/ Final Final Draft

This brings us to the Time Frames! This, I fell is the most challenging to judge. It is the end of week 11 right now and by Now I should have the first draft. Although I am working on it I feel like I have fallen behind at least 3 weeks, while the reality is that I have not fallen( that far at least).

I have worked really closely to solve the issues I had with the structure of the larger assets and I think I am almost there.I have made a lot of progress so far and I figured out the way I want things to progress.

In fact, I hope to work on the individual assets on a fresh file, a new blank slate. Where I can build up everything with a proper, viable  scale and texture. With a unity and harmony in the textures and colours. Everything from the ground again and better than before!

To summarise, I would like to remind myself of what I need to do in terms of this brief objectives:

Make cardboard accurate/ thinner– proportional, it is going to have different types of cardboard possibly, consider what world they will be placed in. Is it going to be real world scale or kind of minature scale? This makes a difference remember.

Set up scenes with assets– 5 small arrangements or one big one containing them. In Unity, You have the rough skybox set up already.

Try different shapes like you wanted!

Do naturally occurring plant sketches-go to natural museums, or even the internet.

Make these 5 different assets already.

Keep an eye on the deadlines.



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