Week 10 – Colours

Since there is some good progress on the modelling side of the project I decided to finalise my colour palette( at least for now).

Since I am making the assets for a “magical forest” of a sort, I want the mood tho be mysterious. In this case what is better than the good old Purple!

The process of finding the right colours was a bit more complicated than that though. I had a bit of trouble coming up with good and matching colours since everything looks good to me! I never really cared about the colour wheel and just slapped whatever colour there is onto paper.

Just to make sure I was going the right direction I used a simple colour wheel I found on the internet as reference.

What I did to get the colours originally is to sample them from the colour studies I did a while back. I only sampled the ones that seemed to create an interesting effect( it was all instinctual). I managed to narrow them down quite a lot, and surprisingly I found a few colours that repeated often. I then tried to roughly sort them in a spectrum and eventually into little groups of circles.

In the end I did not want to end up with too many colours so in my test I limited myself to similar colours with only a few contrasting ones.

First Colour Test, figuring out the environment

I experimented with a few combinations of tree/ground/path colours to see which match better. I looked towards the overall scheme being not too bright, a bit harmonising and peaceful looking so I ended up with the below. By the process of elimination.

Second Colour Test, deciding the environment

I ended up sketching out some of the assets and tested different colours on them. I added one more tree colour for the deciduous trees as I felt using just the one would make the trees too similar to each other.

Third Test, figuring out the assets

Afterwards I extracted the colours and organised them a little. I am quite happy with the outcome of these studies as I finally feel that portraying the mysterious/calm atmosphere is possible by using these colours.

The Resulting Palette

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