Week8.5- Getting There!

This time I feel like I made some progress!

Continuing on from last week’s failures this week is quite a nice surprise for me. I did not want to do anything as I was scared it will not work out in the end. I was afraid that I have not done much, without realising that I have unconsciously been looking for the best practice in this specific asset creation.

Last week I have promised myself to push on and fix that UV map properly. Here is the result:

A partly working UV map. I chose to have planar mapping from the top as I felt that this is the way that cardboard ruffles( apparently called flutes) naturally line up. To some extent I was right in thinking so. The cardboard is cut therefore the ruffles do not change direction, instead they look deformed depending on which angle they are cut at. I also later decided to add a thin outline which I feel makes the textures stand out more and have a softer blend together with no sharp edges.

I have proceeded with the rough texture and quickly downloaded some real life cardboard textures to get a better feel of the deformations.

Here we can see that at most angles there is deformation and I think this turned out well, however at extreme angles like on most of the images below the distortion is too much.

Even If the overall idea is working, the texture looks stretched in those areas. The possible way to fix it is to have a separate texture for these extremities and try and blend them so that the texture does not look forced and inaccurate.

Since I UV mapped I wanted to see the whole tree in action once again:

I made a slightly differently shaped tree to see what the differences would be, I also made the cardboard texture repeat more to give a more accurate fit with the sides.

Overall, I feel much better about this project now that I can see the real potential look of the final assets. I noticed that this time I made the tree much quicker, I might be actually getting a hang of it.

Next steps: acquire my very own cardboard textures and play around with them.

Make  differently shaped trees or completely different asset using the techniques.



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