Week 8 – Gallery Studies

So, we were supposed to go to McManus Gallery in groups. Along with a few other people we went early and discovered that most galleries were closed and as lucky as we were none of them really interested us at the time. We went ahead to Dundee Contemporary Arts Gallery since it was close as well.

There was an exhibition on as usual. This time we could see Katy Dove’s artwork.

Many of her work has this simplistic feel to it, pretty much abstract.  The thing that I enjoyed throughout her work was the use of colour. The ones that caught my eye however were two photographs, side by side. They hung right outside in the foyer, almost hidden.

Untitled,2013,Digital Photographs by Katy Dove


What I think would be useful to do as a response is to see how the grayscale values that are bothering me actually affect the focal point( although it is not clear to me at all to begin with) . I am gong to make the whole image grey and try and pinpoint darkest and lightest areas to see whether there is any balance.


When I made the whole image black and white and increased the contrast the dark areas really stood out. In the first Image the first thing my eyes focused on was the centre however it was difficult to keep me eyes there as they drifted downwards to the left. This one is quite a diagonal composition and in the end I do not think there is a specific focal point judging from these.

The second one is dark on the left and light on the right. With opposite elements in each. Because the ribbon swirls are more visible on a dark background my eyes drifted towards that spot and to the child silhouette afterwards.

In the end I did not find any specific focal points in either image, however I thought I would be interesting to see what my thoughts are on the colour version in comparison.kd4

Interestingly, very similar results were revealed, however this time I felt the brighter/warm yellow and red colours stood out more therefore influencing where my eyes will land first, next the purples and in the end green and blue.

Overall, I think the day went well, I got to see some thought provoking images where I honestly did not expect to. It is a wonder how our view of something changes the longer we look at it.We end up analysing other artist’s work and get some insights into their thought process, see how they solved problems and see how they did not. This kind of exercise is always an interesting experience.


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