Week 7 – Trials and Errors( a lot of them)

This week is the “Feedback” week at University. Although not much feedback was given, I decided to push on and start Serious work.

This week has been intense, a lot of things happened including several dramatic fights with, every artist’s beloved software, Maya.

After we finally made up, we watched some tv and shared some peace food. Then, the work begun all over again. Until…

…My brain stopped working, apparently!

Here are some examples of how I made the same thing over and over and made the same exact mistakes as well.

Take 1 – Horizontal edge loops

First I made the trunk and extruded it in a shape of a cardboard intersecting. Then I extruded the leafy parts, subdivided and shaped the tree. At this stage I used the scale tool which I thought would be handy to use, however I noticed that this deformed the thickness of the individual parts and this is no good.

Oh well, it is a learning process. I guess?

Take 2 – Vertical edge loops

If horizontal loops do not work out, do vertical? Not really.

At first everything went great but when I tried adding detail( additional edge loops) everything started to get increasingly difficult to manage.

The specific shape that the tree had did not allow to place straight edge loops so there were a lot of deformations.

Take 3 – Flat “plane” approach

In between the frustration I decided to go back to the trusty technique for making symmetrical objects, aka make one side, then duplicate it. After all, this seems to be the best option.

First I made the one side and UV mapped it for later( here it turns out I forgot to map the sides). Later I duplicated and merged the objects, this gave me a better view of the tree shape.

step4- try out a texture

Here I finally pushed through and managed to make a mock up texture. I used the colours from my colour studies, the result on the model is not bad, but not great either.  Since I did not map the sides and it would take too long to do it at this stage, I will try that out next time. What I will have to do as well is tho experiment with the outlines and textures further to get a really good idea of the style and finally create more than one tree. Hopefully I will not make the same mistakes.

In the end I learned some things, here are some notes to myself:

  • A whole day in Maya is productive, until you realise you have done something wrong ages ago.
  • It is okay even if you did 🙂
  • Extruding and scaling do not work very well on symmetrical objects.
  • It is better to move the edges themselves using the move tool.
  • —>UV map EVERYTHING not just the front view <—
  • side, top, bottom views exist as well.
  • If something is wrong and you do not know what, do it again, but slightly differently
  • The more you do it the faster you do it!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the process.


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