Week 6 – Colour studies

After spending a while trying to figure out topology, I realised that I am still unclear about the colour palette I want to use for my assets.

Because I was unclear I decided to do a lot of colour samples, with different tree trunk and crown combinations. As I was adjusting the colours, there were too many that I liked!

Sadly I had to narrow them down to get a better idea of matching colours. I will need to further refine them to somehow extract a colour palette.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Interestingly  I did not like the pure green hues, I think the hints of blue and brown(even purple) really enhance the overall look and feel of the trees.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I was painting the tree trunks, I noticed a mid range contrast seems to be the most effective , whether it is lighter trunks and darker leaves or darker trunks and lighter leaves. In addition colours from the same colour group( warm/cold) often fit together better, although there are colours from edges of these groups that look pretty good with their opposites.

I also noticed that most of the combinations that I liked are quite muted, yet unusual colours, which remind me of old cartoons like The Flintstones.

The Flintstones art style is rich in textures, ranging from pure watercolour paint textures(leaves) to hand painted textures(wood). The interesting thing in there kind of watercolour works is how they decided to place the outlines. In both images here, it is mostly the man made structures that got the emphasis. In the image below the rocks are also outlined, possibly it is simply to ensure they are viewed as the foreground.

Overall, I think in this case the textures go well with the choice of colour however, I am not sure whether this approach is right in my case.

While searching for some sleeping beauty environments I found this gem, that I feel is a better example:

Since I want to focus on the environments for this project I am not going to talk about story or animation(although they are impressive). Throughout the video I can see the environment has some textural inconsistencies, however everything works together because of the effective use of colour. The palette, again, is pretty muted. Although there are parts that stand out, it is done in places that empathise and compliment the scene;which in turn makes the setting more beautiful and magical.

I feel like this example would be really useful for me to take example from since the main setting is in a forest area, very much similar to what I have in mind. It also gives off a magical feeling that I would like to achieve.

Now the next thing to do is try out the colours on the models!



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