So, I have been lazy these weeks and although I said to update regularly (Is it going to be every two-three weeks?) I have not!

There might have been a post before this for week 2-3 but I am writing this one early because I know what to write.

Let’s get to it!

Here are some Initial sketches.

I have been advised by Ryan Locke to do some 3D sketches to help visualise my ideas  better. Although I planned to do them anyway,  have been putting them off because I felt I did not flesh out the idea enough yet. Still, here it is the wonderful process of rough sketching.

I am really glad I finally sketched, this looks quite different from what I expected .

I realise that I definitely need to think about how complicated I would like the shapes to be If I want to go forward with it. Since these were done quickly I did not merge the shapes together which I will likely need to later and that brings out the topology problems which I will have to solve! Especially if I decide to choose more than two planes intersecting.

When I try to smooth the tree it definitely looks more plastic rather than cardboard, and while it looks pretty good, I do not feel this is the right way to go.

ps. the ground texture was done using a fractal preset in Maya, I fiddled around with it and I think I like it now?I think it looks great with a simple style of the trees so far! I wonder If I will make something like this If I go ahead with making the grass?

I went ahead and made a flower. I did not know flowers were so complicated!

I made one petal then copied it but the shape of the petal affects how the center can look, since it plainly looks weird if I just leave it a cube. I had to add divisions and scale some vertices to make it look rounder. The center cannot be too round though if I want to keep a cardboard feel to it!

The leaf was, I think the hardest part, since I wanted to keep a similar thickness on the edges (like cardboard has) I had to adjust them while I was shaping the curve.

When I make the flower again I will make all the petals one object and the middle stuck on. I will also study how the cardboard bends and attempt to replicate the shape that it creates.

Here are some images of cardboard prototypes that I quickly made(as you can see, not good quality) But at least there is something!

Here I learned that cardboard( the kind I worked with-ice cream packaging) is really difficult to work with. The cuts never go exactly as you plan and the cardboard can unexpectedly bend if you are not extra carefull or cutting it with a scalpel. Taking your time is the best way to achieve good results.

Additionally, when I tried inserting the two pieces of cardboard together the two never met at a right angle as seen  above.That is probably because I put it together quickly(I will know better next time!)

For the flower I made the stem quire thick and I do not think it looks quite right, It is too thick. The one leaf that I attached did not bend well enough to look as if it is one with any stem, even if I used a really thin stick . It was difficult enough to keep these stuck together. On the other hand I am quite happy with how the flower itself turned out. the shape is solid and there is definitely potential there.

Overall, I think I will need to revisit the idea further and see how far I can push the cardboard and whether I will need to merge it with other materials like wood, for support of the structures.

Since I will be making the models in a 3D package it is tempting to go along with it and build whatever and just say it is cardboard, but I really want it to be representative to it as much as I can. Even in the models above I can see there are many differences already, as the thickness of the sides is so much larger than the prototyped I made. This of course varies on the type of cardboard used. I will have to check the differences between them as well.



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