Cardboard Crafts- images gathered from Google searches

Cardboard is a great material there are many things you can make from it! It can be cut, glued, bent painted and mixed with other materials to create stunning effects.It is however difficult to shape into what you want and can be frustrating to work with to get the details right.

I looked at different crafts made of any kind of cardboard, the thin and the sturdy ones.

The different range included things that I feel would be common in an outdoor environment, like different kinds of flowers and trees and different crafting techniques.

In the next few weeks I am going to analyse the properties like; bend-ability, cutting precision and texture more closely as I feel it will help me get a more accurate understanding of cardboard.This will also help me with the asset creation

Low Poly/ Cartoon Style Research

Art Style and Topology Research-images gathered from Google searches

When looking for reference images and inspirations I wanted to get a style as close to what cardboard is as possible. I think the low poly mesh style is one that is the closest to a simple thing that is cardboard. The above are a few images that I thought were pretty close to what I imagined however there are not many things that fit my imagination perfectly.

This means that I can challenge myself to create something new by myself and not have yet another same looking style.

What I think is appealing in the low poly modeling is how a lot of the time the artists more than make up for the small mesh detail by using the textures. The block coloured and hand painted textures often really compliment the models

Looking at the rough topology of the low polygon models I can figure out how to properly structure my own models with appropriate topology. I will analyse these more in depth through the next few weeks.


Inspired by




In both Limbo and Inside there is a mysterious atmosphere, The player does not know what is going to happen until it happens and the endings are ambiguous. The dramatic lighting throughout all the scenes add to the atmosphere and at the same time create a kind of beauty. Although Limbo is in black and white, the well developed tones help to bring the environment to life. It is the same with Inside, where there is much more variety with tones and colours, which help distinguish between areas in the game.

Both of the games give a feeling similar to what I want to achieve in my environments. As although they have simple art style they are impactfull.

As I will be going to be making mainly the assets, it will be challenging to convey an atmosphere in them but I will definitely try.



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