Week2- The brief

I have been thinking about making my own game since the start of this summer (not really vacation). I have been inspired by one of my group members on my professional project group during the wonderful summer semester…

The story is still in development but the brief version is…

…The main character is a powerful magician who has been cursed and his soul split into seven pieces. He has to find these pieces and is wondering through various stages in his life to find them. These take place in his own mind so whatever he sees is his imagination, that just happens to take form of a magical forest.

Artwise I was thinking about a 2D cartoony style, however since at the time everyone wanted to do VR I wondered how would 2D look in a 3D space. I tried looking at anything that could be simillar and I remembered watching  ‘Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion’ The game has a style that really appealed to me from the first time I saw it. I has cute cardboard monsters sticking out of a wall, and I think this example is the closest I can get with what I imagine my game to be.

one of the cardboard monsters in ‘Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion’

I put the idea on hold since there was so much work to do, but when our group went to Dare, there it was again! There was a cardboard crafts event on stage, there were many cool things made out of cardboard and that made me really think about going forward with trying to replicate cardboard craft in game.

I know that there are many paper games, made of and/or inspired by origami and they all look really great! I used to be able to make some origami shapes, however I stopped a long time ago and now I do not feel like this is something I want to pursue.

What I really want to achieve this Year is to prepare the basics I would need to create the Game. For this module I would like to develop an effective visual aesthetic, design and create purely Digital assets to add to the general “Mind Forest” environment . I want them to resemble cardboard at least in structure if not in texture.

My key words are: Simple, Possible, Stylised.


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