First week

First week back on course!

Last Tuesday was the very first lecture of Computer Arts Practice which I shorten to CAP(others probably do too!).

The lecture was pretty relaxing considering it was right after two other lectures, one of which was in the most stuffy rooms in the whole University.

So, yes! The Reality hit me hard, it is already the second half of my third year degree and I guess I really need to think about my future. Although I already have a rough idea of what I want to achieve in this module there is still a lot to think about.

The Practical session

In the practical session we were told to do self evaluation.

We were given a task to go make some perspective drawings and reflect on them. We could go anywhere on campus and draw anything that shows perspective

Week1-Perspective Drawing

The skill evaluation aims are:


Observation drawing with style

Line quality

Drawing within time constraints

For this module I was thinking of making environments, as I am torn between many fields of art that I enjoy, I want to try to improve all the areas and see what I am most comfortable with.

The perspective drawing was not something that I had in mind when thinking of making environments, but I realised that these are a really good way of practice and developing my understanding of the discipline of environmental art.

I chose to draw outside since it was a nice day and I find the buildings next to the university quite interesting. When choosing a place to draw I tried to consider the kind of project I would like to make in this module. Since I thought about creating man-made/natural environments, I saw this as a good opportunity. I did not want to draw just the buildings since the outside was so much beautiful greenery however I found that the linear and mathematical structure of buildings gives the best perspective lines.

Before I started drawing I thought about the style I want to achieve, I wanted to try portraying the environment in a cartoony and slightly exaggerated way. I thought making freehand drawings and sketches was the best way to try out different techniques, but I ended up drawing just one.

While others went around with rulers I chose to try and draw without it. The line quality ended up quite poor and what was supposed to be a straight line turned out distorted and there is definitely room to improve the quality, however I think this distorted look fit well with what I was trying to achieve as to me it looks quite stylised.

Drawing within a limited time does not usually bother me since I am quite a fast worker when I know what I am doing. However, since I had to first find a good place to draw, and a good angle, there was even less time left over. I also had to start again a few times because I got the measurements wrong and they were hard to correct although I worked in pencil. In the end I did not finish the drawing and left out the details and some windows on the building.

In the future I think it would be better for me to focus on smaller parts of the landscape instead of the whole field of view, since I am struggling to finish the drawings within the time constraints. Focusing on the details would also mean I can define the style more and focus on improving the line work.

I usually do not draw these but clearly I have to put more practice into this and draw the landscapes and details regularly if I want to improve my skills.



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