Week2 Lab

Narrative Ideas, Story creation

Based On Harry Potter

But in futuristic world

  • Year 2800- new earth- to preserve the historical values of old days cities are built above the old building structure
  • The world is so advanced that magic has been taken over by science and is only mentioned in (as well as laughed about) in legends.
  • A young girl is living with her aunt uncle and evil, bully cousin
  • Her parents killed in a “power plant accident”, their bodies never found.
  • After her 10 th birthday strange things started happening around her whenever she got sad or angry.
  • One day he cousin pulled her hair into a bus door and it got stuck. The bus sank into the road.
  • Not long after, near summer holiday, she got an e-mail from “Secret Society”, she discarded it as spam mail. It kept filling her mail box.
  • The mail kept coming until the day a strange man appeared through her teleport.
  • He looked homeless, shaggy hair, unshaved long beard, and torn clothes.
  • He says he is from the secret society
  • Wishes to take her with him there to teach her Magic
  • She hesitates at first but remembers that for the past week she has been fighting with her family. She accepts.
  • Gets taken to the lower town, inside a rundown place
  • She meets a variety of people from the group
  • Makes 2 close friends.
  • She finds out that her parents were trying to overthrow the evil government and were assassinated.
  • She continues their work with her friends, while learning magic.


Harry potter based story
Harry potter based story


Task 2-own story

Setting- the story is told in flashbacks, from a peaceful place in winter/ growing virtual, digital technology

Location- home on a countryside/ a city

Time- 2100/2040

Theme- world domination

Situation- the world is overtaken by technology and gaming.

Main character- typical old lady/ an aspiring developer of a worldwide virtual reality platform

Title: Reality

A grandmother is sitting with her grandchildren around the fireplace telling them a tale of her adventures as a younger woman.

Her life somewhat dull at the start, she wished to become someone important, she was a shy girl with not many friends. However just in time she realised she cannot achieve her dream alone, she moved to another city where she quested for like- minded friends, and self-discovery.


Own story
Own story

Emerging story

emerging story based on World of Warcraft.
emerging story based on World of Warcraft.

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