Presentation Feedback

Feedback from Ryan Locke in the Presentation

The main success in this module is the personality (delivered by you). Especially when it comes to images a lot of people focus on those, I can tell you did as well, we spoke about it in class, some of the story is inside the things that you want to tell, that comes out much easier than presenting yourself as an actual professional. And at this early stage that is actually fine. But I do and I must approach people to kind of think through layout, composition and the way things are set out and neatness especially. There is a lot of things that are going right but a few things that kind of went wrong (they will both hopefully be reinforced over the years when it comes to presentation of your work especially).

So the thing is your sketchbook work is actually quite timid and I think that, with combination with blog it is going to be much more reinforced. But I think there is a stage not happening and that might be that just the growing confidence stage, your sketchbook is more intimidating than it should be. You need to tell it who is boss. It is your sketchbook mess it up put ketchup on it coffee whatever it is and I don’t really mind as long as you’re having fun with it. I just don’t get the sense that this sketchbook was a lot of fun.

There is a lot of initial development stages that you need to get your claws in, and that really will show later on. What you’ll find is the final stage of the product is always finalising stuff up.

So I think again it was a good project, I think the logo needed a few final stages just to finish that off.

The font you used is pretty typical the Papyrus one, you see it everywhere.

Simplicity is beautiful I think actually when it comes to your layout composition your simplicity part there is something that is very ‘Akinori Oishi’ to me, cute daring and I think that is your strong point.

Maybe focus on that and we’ve got something that’s better.


I agree with the feedback

I do think that I rushed a lot of things including the logo design and reward branding, though I quite like the end result, and did not really ‘befriend’ my sketchbook. Since I did not notice the font I was using is that common I should have done more research on that. Overall I think that I was overly relaxed at the beginning of the semester when I should have been doing a lot of the important stages that I missed.



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