Story and Characters

sketchbook for story and character
sketchbook for story and character

further story:

story beats:


3 Characters and the lizard




daughter(4-6) years- loves the lizard, is a friend

helps the lizard escape unknowingly

chases it and tries to put it back


lizard- like any other, but a talented individual

goes around the house doing its own business

It goes back to the tank on its own when its tired.


  • Mum and Dad go birthday shopping( eat out) with their daughter
  • They pass a pet shop on their way, it is closed
  • The girl gets distracted and sees the lizard sleeping in a large tank on the window display.
  • Parents stop to wait for her she does not move, and tells them the lizard is cool
  • The parents come up with the idea for her birthday present
  • She sadly leaves for today
  • When she wakes up the next day and goes to the living room
  • There is the exact lizard she saw the day before
  • She is excited and rushes to her parents in the kitchen
  • They tell her the lizard is staying and she has to take care of it
  • She rushes over and even though she is scared at first
  • Her parents say it’s okay to hold the lizard as it is very friendly and calm
  • She pets it and loves it even more
  • Puts it back in tank and feeds it a bit.
  • She spends all day watching the lizard go around its business
  • It sleeps mostly
  • She pets it goodnight and leaves to bed
  • Night, she hears noise from the living room
  • She opens the tank to see whether it was the lizard
  • She cannot find it
  • Leaves the tank open ’in case it comes back’
  • Sleepily Looks for it in the room then goes to kitchen
  • Looks through the shelves and drawers
  • Sees movement behind the flour
  • Picks it up puts on the kitchen worktop
  • It wobbles and spills on the surface and floor
  • The lizard shuffles along the flour spill and leaves marks
  • She did not see this
  • Girl yawns and looks for it in other drawers
  • Not there
  • Looks on the floor, what a mess
  • Hears noises down the drawers, they opened more
  • Girl looks for it but is tired
  • Wants to tell parents ,goes to their room
  • Does not want to wake them up
  • Goes to her own bed and forgets about her problem
  • The tank is open
  • Morning, mum sees open tank
  • Thankfully lizard is there
  • Goes to kitchen
  • Shocked by the mess
  • Sees human and lizard footprints in the flour
  • Goes to girl’s room sees flour marks on her carpet
  • Then on her socks
  • Wakes her up asks what happened
  • Girl explains
  • Apologises
  • The end

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