Kickstarter Research 2

The ideas started to narrow down to illustration/character based

I conducted some further research on the more specific area

on this one I really liked how the designs of the sub headings and rewards followed the same structure and kept the original simplicity,

I also love the cute and simple plushie design.

This is where I got the feeling that I want to go for simple.

comic styles. Typography and Brand Designs used here- It seems there are a lot of different fonts used here… many colour-schemes, colours too, and so  many other styles.

Seems a bit crowded but it does contain works of different people so it explains a lot.

looking at artwork based projects

realistic 3D figures— The detail here is amazing

3D cute characters- collectors

These just feel Alive!

Once again simple but very effective, earthly colours, nature based designs

This really made me want to make 3D work for the project.

Crochet Plushie, Cute Character design!

Some more typography/branding?

looking at different ways to illustrate

view points and motion


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